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We are very grateful to Tim Hodge of Musical Geek – Musical Theatre Reviews ( for giving our Show ‘White Christmas’ the following review:

If the best things happen while your dancing, it’s also true that some really great things happen in Stourbridge Town Hall on a Mid-November Evening, epitomised by this production of White Christmas, absolutely a classic and a heartwarmer to nicely build everybody up for the festive period.

Irving Berlin knew how to write a musical and this is one of his best, brought to life by an accomplished cast, you won’t see Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera Ellen or Rosemary Clooney but, you will see a leading cast of equal calibre. Adam Compton is a sophisticated Bob Wallace, Richard Cope a dashing Phil Davis and real life sisters Liz Compton and Salli Gage are deliciously entrancing as Betty and Judy Haynes, all four with perfect vocals and dance moves might have you blinking and wondering if you’ve suddenly drifted back to 1954 when the movie was released.

Peter Goldsmith brings some military grit (with a soft centre) to the role of General Henry Waverly and a highlight performance comes from Kay Woodhouse as busybody housekeeper Martha Watson, a particularly touching and effortlessly performed number, ‘Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun’ takes on a greater meaning when you realise that Kay (Martha) is real life mother to both Betty (Liz) and Judy (Salli).

J. Paul Murdock brings some ‘show biz’ personality to the role of booking agent and ex army buddy Ralph Sheldrake, John Ward is an extravagantly camp Stage Manager, Mike Nulty with Francesca Handley and Jennie Wall as endearingly ditzy dancers Rhoda and Rita.

There are a couple of gem performances at either end of the age spectrum, the youthful Georgina-May Philpott as granddaughter to Waverly, Susan (or should I call her ‘Broadway Sue’) and stage stalwart Mike Bradley as handyman and he of few words, Ezekiel Foster.

Managed to grab a few words with Stage Director, Steve Humpherson in the interval and delve into the multiple family links within the cast, beyond those already mentioned it is also true that Adam (Bob) and Liz (Betty) are husband and wife in real life. It’s credit to Steve’s ability as a Director, Chris Handley’s skills as a Musical Director and Emma Newton’s flair as a Choreographer that this is the triumph of a production that it is and the audience were absolutely singing and happy as they left.

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